Why offices should have LED lighting

As well as appearance, office lighting can have an impact on the way people work. Whether in an office, warehouse or retail environment, poor lighting can result in employees becoming tired and less productive.

4 key benefits of good lighting:

  1. Enhances well-being.
  2. Improves productivity.
  3. Reduces operating costs.
  4. Improves visual appearance.

Employee office wellbeing

The right office lighting is crucial. Poor lighting can have a negative impact on employee health, safety, and wellbeing. Eye strain has been reported as a leading cause of stress in the workplace. A study found 68% of office workers were concerned about the effects of the lighting on their physical health.

Business efficiency, marketing & performance expert, Andrew Jensen, said “Florescent lighting, especially, has a number of negative effects on employees, as it has been known to cause eye strain, and it is also cited as a trigger for migraine headaches. This harsh lighting also makes it more difficult for the eye to focus.”

Productivity and performance in the office

For a motivated and efficient workforce, lighting can have a major influence. Jones Lang LaSalle recently reported, “Revolutionary lighting technologies are resulting in significant gains in energy efficiency. But the biggest potential benefit from improving lighting in the workplace may be the effect it can have on productivity.” Smallbusiness.co.uk also reported a direct correlation between light levels and performance in the workplace. Referencing research, they summarise, “The right lighting can help regulate your employee’s body clock, boosting mental performance and helping your employees feel more alert and energetic. The better the light quality, the more pronounced this effect is.”

We replaced tired factory lighting at System U with new LED lighting units. In a factory environment, good lighting is imperative. The new LED light fittings are at least twice as bright, cost less than half to run and will outlast any other product available on the market. Their engineers have noticed a significant improvement.

“We have had feedback from our engineers in the workshop to say the LED lighting is a vast improvement and they are finding it much easier to work. The added bonus is that we are noticing a reduction in costs and energy consumption.”

Operating costs

We all want to keep operating costs to a minimum. How much are your office lights costing you to run? How often do you find you’re replacing light bulbs? Make a smart investment in better lighting for your office now, and save costs in the long run.

We installed LED Lights at Hambleton Primary School to replace their existing fluorescent strip lights.

“We sourced Airis Energy Solutions alongside the Green Business Fund/Carbon Trust to install a full school LED Smart Lighting system.  All our lighting was extremely outdated and was failing more frequently, at a significant cost each time.

The new lights were put in by Paul Davies, Airis’ Installation Manager, and this was a very efficient process, with all the old lighting being taken off-site afterwards.  It has siginificantly improved the appearance around school, has reduced our maintenance costs to 0, reduced our CO2 emissions and will reduce our energy consumption over time.

There is no capital outlay and the cost of the scheme is funded in part by a Carbon Trust Grant and the balance of the energy savings made.”

Visual appearance

Many interior designers are now turning to LED lighting in homes and businesses around the world. When carefully deployed, lighting can transform a room. There are many LED light fittings now available, to offer a nice stylish finish to any home or office environment.

LED lights provide brighter, natural quality lighting which lasts longer and helps reduce office overheads. If improved light levels and light quality can improve productivity and reduce running costs, LED lighting is, without doubt, a win-win solution for businesses everywhere.

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