Light as a Service

Our Light as a Service (LaaS) allows your school, hospital or other government building to lessen its carbon footprint with no upfront expenditure and gain net cash savings through a funding compliant lease structure.

Lighting as a Service

Designed to give our clients peace of mind with fixed energy costs and the latest LED lighting technology, our Light as a Service (LaaS) solution is a service-based business model whereby light is charged on a subscription basis (based on energy savings), enabling you to outsource lighting over a set time.

Unlike our Zero Capital Expenditure solution, Airis maintains the ownership of and thus responsibility for the equipment throughout the duration of the subscription contract. This means it does not fall foul of hire purchase financing restrictions typically found within funding guidelines.

Dealing with only one company, Airis Energy Solutions will be a complete single supply chain for the whole process, offering manufacture, design, financing, installation and maintenance of their lighting solutions.


A video testimonial to a recent LED lighting installation / refit for Manchester Communication Academy, provided through Airis’s Light as a Service (LaaS) scheme.

The Academy, comprising primary school, senior school and sixth form was refitted throughout with energy efficient LED lighting to classrooms, corridors, sports halls, reception, offices, toilets, car parking and other outdoor lighting.

Take a look at our testimonials, case studies and photo galleries for more examples of our school LED lighting installations.

How does it work?

The process is simple and hassle free:

  • We assess the potential of the client’s premises and gather data relating to their current lighting electricity costs.
  • We then supply a forecasted savings projection per year over the lifetime of the lighting system, including the government’s forecasted increases to electricity costs.
  • We design, manufacture, supply, install, warranty and most importantly finance the entire project.
  • Electricity consumption is typically reduced by around 65% with high efficiency LEDs and our Exilis Smart Sensors can help achieve a further 60% savings over and above conventional LED technology.
  • A percentage of the generated savings are used to pay the Airis subscription for the lighting, with the remainder offering net savings to the client.
  • The typical length of an agreement is 5 years or longer.

Our business is helping your organisation make your supplier pay!

Full parts and labour

As the product remains in our ownership, the subscription includes full parts and labour. Our clients are not required to touch the lighting system during the subscription period, thereby removing the costly requirement for access equipment, replacement lamps, labour and associated downtime.

Reduce Your Consumption

Improve Your Lighting

Lower Maintenance

Save Money

Schools / Academies Funding Compliance

Our Light as a Service (LaaS) solution has been designed to be fully compliant with the Academies Financial Handbook, making it easier for schools to upgrade their lighting and realise significant carbon reduction and the associated energy saving benefits.

Tale a look at our school lighting gallery for some examples of our installations.

Design and install

Our lighting designers and installers have an extensive knowledge of current lighting requirements for government buildings, including schools, hospitals, council offices and more, whether large or small.

Airis  have a wealth of experience working with public services to achieve valuable savings and will provide 3D lighting design plans where required prior to any project works.

Our install teams are committed to reducing the hassle of major works and will work around the client’s operating requirements 24/7.

Please take a look at some of our case studies for examples.

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