Smart Energy Monitoring

Smart energy monitoring from Airis can help you to better understand your business energy consumption and thus regain control of it, identifying energy losses, both technical and behavioural to make long term decisions and savings.

With energy costs soaring, looking seriously at your energy consumption is a must for businesses going forward. Examining energy consumption aids in identifying whether savings can be made and if so, where and how.

Smart energy monitoring systems from Airis will help you do just that.

Smart Sensors

Simple to deploy, we use non-invasive technology that uses magnetic connections to the switches of the electrical panel that we want to monitor. These then feed over wi-fi to monitoring software. Apps on your computer or mobile devices then allow us to analyse your energy usage.

  • Uncover your energy wastage
  • Technical losses
  • Behavioural losses
  • Compare sites and / or equipment
  • Detect under and over voltage events
  • Measure power factor and harmonics
  • Track energy costs
  • Track kgCO2


Devices can be employed in virtually any business or domestic setting.

Manufacturing Processes
Solar Installations

Shopping Centres

Government Buildings


Identify energy losses

  • Technical losses (power factor, harmonics, voltage optimisation, phase imbalances, harmonics)
  • Behavioural losses (high out of hours consumption, compare similar sites or plant equipment)

Understand on-site energy consumption

  • Identify how energy is used
  • Allocate costs correctly

Tenant sub-metering

Quantify energy cost reduction actions

Understand CO2 foot print and make visible through reports

Send the data to other analytic / control platforms


Once connected, powerful software allows you to analyse and interrogate your data in a myriad of different ways.

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