Introducing Airis ELIXIS

The Exilis panel is equipped with sensors as well as an intelligent power supply. Automatically, the exilis technology is capable of measuring the ambient lighting level in order to provide additional lighting in real time, programmed by Airis during install.

What does the EXILIS+sensor integrate contribute to an LED light?


1. Extra saving up to 60% of the consumption of the normal LED by having motion and light sensors

2. Reduced maintenance cost due to longer lifespan

3. One Driver can be used to connect more than one fixture. If one is disconnected, the Smart Driver will protect the rest of them

4. Changing the driver parameters remotely, simplify and make the installation cheaper


1. The lifespan of the LEDs depends on the temperature and current of the chips, being 60% of the time at least dimmed, the LEDs and the driver don’t overheat and therefore do not suffer

2. It is not necessary to change magnets or switches because of the low peak current at start-up, which also prevents capacitors and other components from suffering

3. LED luminaire with a Longer lifespan of the fixture (the faulty component is usually the power supply). Our driver includes: Overheat temperature protection, MTBF 500,000 hours at 80ºF and 4kV surge voltage

Your lighting in safe hands

So no matter how large your lighting requirements, you can be confident we have the experience to carry out an installation to meet your needs.


1. It doesn’t produce harmonics or any reactive power (it doesn’t interfere with other equipment)

2. Integrated communication system: Integrated communication system provides data transmission through the power line. Compatible with any automation

3. Compliance CTE (Technical Building Code) for having a natural light sensor and a motion sensor that changes the flow of the luminaire based on natural light

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