Air Purifiers

Airis supply a range of air purifiers that allow you to quickly and safely reduce up to 99% of harmful fungus, germs, bacteria and viruses in the air.

According to recent research from the WHO, pollution in the air represents an important environmental risk for our health and reducing these levels will in return reduce the number of strokes, lung cancers and chronic pneumonia among other diseases.

Additionally, with airborne viruses potentially suspended in the air for up to 3 hours following a cough or a sneeze, air purifiers offer a way to help keep your facility safe.

Ideal for anything from lifts, taxis and buses to classrooms, offices, hospitals, factories, retail outlets and airports.

Our Range

Available in desktop, wall mounted, ceiling tile, floor standing, portable and recessed housings, our air purifier units can purify from 12m2 up to 48m2 x 3m high spaces.

Airis Air Purifier Range

There are also air conditioning ducting versions available, for use with your current air management system.

Purifies up to 99.9% of Air in Small or Large Space

Eliminates Viruses, Bacteria, Mites and Pollen

Safe for Continuous Use in Occupied Areas

Low Energy Consumption and Maintenance

Photocatalytic Air Purifier

Patented technology in this environmental control product, synergistically combines the germicidal properties of ultraviolet light with the enhancing action of a photocatalytic compound (AKSep).

Energy efficient, it continually reduces the presence of any virus or bacteria in your environment by up to 99%, both quickly and safely.

It is harmless to the environment, safe for staff and customers and can be operated whilst the facility is occupied.

The Alternatives

Our photocatalytic technology purifies up to 99.9% of the air and disinfects surfaces naturally, eliminating viruses, bacterias, smoke, odours, mites and pollen. It offers a number of benefits over the alternatives, including low noise, high air flow and most importantly, continuous use with no associated health risks.

It also boasts low performance, energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Comparison with alternative air purifiers

The Technology

Thanks to the UV-C light emission upon the photocatalytic compound, a natural chemical reaction occurs on the surface of the compound.

This reaction produces radicals that destroy any bacterias, fungus, virus and other volatile organic compounds that come into contact with the active surface, all of which is completely harmless to people, animals and plants.

  1. UVC light emission between 200 and 280 nm of wavelength (most effective for disinfection).
  2. A photocatalytic compound (Aksep) is contained in a pad that allows the air to flow through it.
  3. It captures and destoyes bioaerosol (fungus, bacterias and virus) that are present in the air.
Air Purifier in Action

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