Salix Funding / Grants

In addition to our Light as a Service (LaaS) zero net cost leasing solution, we can also assist you with the government’s numerous funding and grants schemes which allow public sector organisations to upgrade their lighting to energy efficient LEDs.

Achieving Net Zero

As part of the government’s commitment to achieving net-zero and clean growth goals, various grant schemes and interest free loans are available to allow public sector organisations such as schools, hospitals and councils to upgrade their heating, lighting and other energy systems.

Delivered by Salix, a non-departmental public body owned wholly by Government, these are commonly known as Salix Funding. In some areas, local authorities themselves may also offer grants.

Help with your Application

If you represent a school and or other public sector non-domestic building in England and are interested in exploring whether your building might be eligible, Airis can assist by processing your application on your behalf.

To make your life easier and increase your chances of success, we can provide energy audits, complete all application documents and handle all administration, then implement the proposed improvements if the application is successful.

Why Airis?

Airis are specialists in the provision of green energy / carbon reduction technologies, offering manufacture, supply, installation, financing and maintenance of our product range.

Through our existing Light as a Service (LaaS) projects, we have worked with numerous schools, hospitals and other government buildings to lessen their carbon footprint without upfront expenditure, whilst gaining long term net cash savings.

With 100s of installations to date, we’ve achieved over 3 million kg of CO2 reduction for our clients, thus providing them with significant financial savings too.

Our lighting designers and installers have an extensive knowledge of current lighting requirements for everything from classrooms and offices to sports halls and car parks and we have a wealth of experience working with public services.

We recognise that for many organisations, whether public or private, any downtime can present issues. Our install teams we will work around your operating requirements 24/7, working evenings, weekends and holidays as required.

In the event that any application isn’t successful, we can still supply energy efficient LED lighting with no upfront cost via our Light as a Service (LaaS) solution.

Comprehensive Energy Audit

Handle All Administration

Extensive Industry Knowledge

Hundreds of Installations

Energy Consultants

If you represent an energy consultancy supporting a school or other public sector organisation with their application for a Salix grant or loan, then we’d love to work with you. We can design an LED lighting solution to support the application and help throughout the project, from audits to installation and ongoing maintenance.

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