Improving sales: Bright new LED lighting for car showroom

The Toyota group specify a certain standard of light which Harry Feeney were initially concerned LED couldn’t produce. Airis were pleased to help.


Harry Feeney came to us with concerns with their lighting level and suitability.

The Toyota group specify a certain standard of light which they were concerned LED lighting couldn’t produce.

However after demonstrations, discussions and Dialux creations with the Airis and the technical team, their worries were allayed.

We were able to create a bespoke system and arrangement with the correct illumination and ambiance for the specific environment.

This bespoke system was able to really change the look and feeling of the showroom

60% annual savings

750 lux

50% brighter

4 tonnes less CO2

Actions performed

  • Feasibility evaluation visit.
  • Measurement of lighting levels before and after installation.
  • Diialux CAD design.
  • Replacement of all fluorescent tubes by SmartLED AIRIS products with EXILIS technology.
  • Final acceptance tests.
  • Verification of the regulation system for the execution of up to three action of dredging in order to maximise energy efficiency, achieving an additional 30% saving on the electricity consumption, the levels of lighting required by regulations and the satisfaction of users of Harry Feeney.

Brilliant white highbay LED lighting
Improved car sales area experience

Summary of benefits

We installed a complete lighting solution using a full range of high performance highbay lighting to optimize lux levels.

The project achieved 750lux at 1m high for the showroom to create a vibrant exclusive environment in line with customer requirements.

The LEDs achieve 60% savings on energy consumption. Lighting levels increased 50%, meeting the client objectives.

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