DHL Express Panama benefits from solar photovoltaics

Capitalising on their vast rooftop space and abundance of geographical sunlight, the installation exceeded all expectations, offering energy savings of 82%.

Our client DHL Express, Panama wanted to capitalise on their vast rooftop space along with the abundance of geographical sunlight with the result that 82% of the energy that the company uses is now generated by the solar panels.

The investment made by our client saw dramatic reductions in energy savings which in fact, exceeded all expectations, making Airis a proud supplier of solar solutions to DHL Panama.

Power to Install 360 KWP

Bifacial Modules FV 360W 1000UD

Energy Savings 82%

Required Space 2415 m2

Why choose Airis?

Airis Energy Solutions UK are part of a global electronics company with head offices in 18 different countries and a representation in a further 22.

We are constantly researching and developing to offer the latest and best technology on the market.

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