Chata Products food factory makes savings with solar panel install

Taking advantage of their significant rooftop space, the solar PV installation helped Chata Products realise 29.2% energy savings on their annual energy consumption.

Chata Products are brand leaders in the Mexican food industry, producing, processing and marketing food ready-to-serve meals, including chilorio, machaca (dried, often spiced meat), chorizo beans and pork rind.

Founded by the Machado family in 1962, the company has had constant growth, venturing into different foods and distributing its products in the USA and elsewhere.

Solar Photovoltaic

With high energy consumption and an available roof space of 3,500m2, Chata approached Airis to enquire about solar energy and the potential savings to their business and the planet.

The result was a rooftop photovoltaic system with a coplanar installation system using 1,219 410W bifacial panels.

Total Power 499.79 kWp

1,219 x Bifacial 410W PVs

Energy Savings 29.2%

Carbon Savings 411 tonnes CO2

Bifacial Solar Panels

As their name suggests, bifacial solar panels produce energy on both sides.

Any light that passes through the solar panel is thus relected off the roof and absorbed by the cells on the underside, giving up to 15% more energy than conventional solar panels.

Chata Products, Mexico - Bifacial solar PV installation (1 of 2)
  • 1,219 x 410W modules (499.79 kW)
  • 7 x 60 kW inverters
  • Coplanar installation
Chata Products, Mexico - Bifacial solar PV installation (2 of 2)

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As a manufacturer, suppplier and installer, we are constantly researching and developing to offer the latest and best technology on the market.

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