Smart Colour Biorhythmic Lighting

The next creation in the future of LED is human-centric, or Biorhythmic lighting. This lighting is designed to interact with the body clock and the circadian rhythm. In areas where there is little or no natural daylight even for a short period of time, there is an effect on the ability for the human body to maintain a healthy biorhythm.

Lighting designed for human wellbeing

Controlling light effectively in a working environment can have a positive effect on the employees emotional wellbeing. Whilst studies also show an increase in productivity and reduction in errors.

Introducing the Airis Smart colour solution. Designed to imitate a natural outdoor environment, Airis Smart colour allows interior lighting to be dynamic in both intensity and colour according to the time of day and activity undertaken.

– 1% Absence

+ 4.5% Productivity

– 1% Errors

We help businesses utilise the benefits of energy efficient lighting to reduce electricity costs

The programmable drivers allow for the control of lighting schedules to mimic the lux levels and colours temperatures throughout the day e.g dawn, midday and dusk etc.

Airis have devoted a large amount of their current research and development to Human Centric Lighting and are being tasked by healthcare providers from various countries to produce a cost-effective alternative to the versions currently available in today’s market place, whose prices take this technology out of reach of the masses.

This product has many applications including Hospitals, Schools, Factories and Offices to name a few.

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