Move to LED: Primary school achieves carbon saving of 19 tonnes

Quinta Primary school moves to cost effective LED lighting from Airis Energy UK, enhancing the learning environment whilst saving money and the planet.


Quinta Primary School, based in Congleton, strives for every day excellence and their teachers are dedicated to continuous self-improvement. This isn’t just reflected in their day to day care of the students, but also in the environment they have created.

Educating the next generation on the topic of climate change has inspired the school to take action in reducing their own carbon footprint.

Job Length: 7 days

KWH: 35,405.76

Percentage: 72%

Carbon Saving: 19 tonnes


Achieve long-term, substantial energy and financial savings and improve quality of light for teachers and students to enable a more focussed learning environment.

We were very impressed with the difference that the LED lighting made to the school.

Everywhere is so much brighter and natural looking.

The service we received and the communication was excellent.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Airis.

Sarah Burggy, School Business Manager


Airis did a complete refit throughout the school and the difference was immediately noticeable, prompting Quinta Primary to request that Airis fit new exterior lights around the school and the car park as well.

Call our team to find out how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint on 01253 283050.

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