LED lighting upgrade across six schools of Tudhoe Trust

Inefficient and poor quality high bays, fluorescents and 2D fixtures replaced with energy saving LED lighting across six schools of a regional trust resulting in an annual reduction of 43,817kg in carbon emissions.


Airis were chosen to upgrade all lighting across six schools within the trust. The original lighting included inefficient and poor quality high bays, fluorescents and 2D fixtures.

The replacement luminaires provide a higher standard of illumination and achieve the required lux (lighting) levels to ensure pupils have a brighter environment to work efficiently in.

Energy and carbon reductions were a key driver throughout this project. Despite the untimely introduction of COVID-19, the project was completed without any issues from a health and safety / social distancing perspective.

Payment Options

The Tudhoe Learning Trust selected the Airis Light as a Service (LaaS) to finance the project.

This solution provides them with a fully maintained lighting solution for the 8 years of the agreement, along with an instant cash boost from the over achieving energy savings utilised to cover the project payments.

Tudhoe Colliery Primary School

Logo - Tudhoe Learning Trust

Annual Savings

Airis completed the lighting upgrades across six schools within the Tudhoe Trust. The academies were situated in the North East within Country Durham.

67% energy output reduction


124,633 KwH

43,817kg carbon emissions

Dene House Primary School

Logo - Dene House Primary School

LED Tubes

LED Tubes

Airis used two types of LED tubes across the project. These were 18w 5000k and 24w 5000k. These were installaed with an academy standard fitting inside many classrooms, halls and corridors.

LED Panels

LED Panels

Airis used 600 x 600 high efficiency 25w 5000k LED panels across the project. LED panels have a high luminance which is an important factor for schools, where having bright, comfortable lighting is key for productive learning.

Down Lights

LED Down Lights

Down lights were utilised in classrooms and corridors. Airis used a 12w standard 5000k down light fixture across the project. They provided a greater lux level alongside considerable energy savings.

Polo Fixtures

LED Polo Fixtures

Polo fixtures were mainly used in store cupboards and toilets. Airis used 12w fittings alongside stand alone PIR sensors to limit energy consumption for the Academies.

Victoria Lane Academy

Logo - Victoria Lane Academy

Tudhoe Trust - Annual Savings

Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery School

Logo - Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery School


All internal and external lighting across the academies is now clearer, brighter and significantly more energy efficient.

Providing all pupils and staff with a much brighter and overall more efficient working environment, whilst also providing a huge carbon reduction and subsequently helping the environment on its journey to reversing climate change.

Call our team to find out how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint on 01253 283050.

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