Blackpool Victoria Hospital corridors benefit from energy efficient LED lighting

New energy efficient LED lighting with smart sensor technology helps the hospital save the annual equivalent of the emissions generated by 1,535 ambulance call outs.


Airis were chosen to upgrade the corridor lighting across three floors in Blackpool Victoria Hospital. The original lighting was inefficient 5ft T8 fluorescents twin fixtures with self-contained emergency lighting every second fixture.

The replacement luminaires had to be specialist due to the static fixture locations seen in the before and after imagery shown below.

Energy / carbon reductions were a key driver, along with health and safety.

Energy efficient luminaires

The Airis LP240C was chosen for this project due to its built in smart sensor technology and effective light distribution.

The ability to fully programme the power consumption, motion detection and daylight harvesting sensors mean the hospital can have the lighting on at all times for health and safety, whilst reducing consumption down to a chosen percentage with no occupancy.

This gave further carbon savings outlined below.

70% energy output reduction


136,666 kwh

48 tonnes carbon emissions

Victoria Hospital - Annual Savings (KWHs)
Victoria Hospital - Annual Savings (CO2)

Payment Options

Airis offered a five year fully maintained zero capital expenditure solution for the project with energy savings over achieving monthly payments.

However due to government grant funding becoming available mid project, the client chose to outright purchase.

All corridor lighting is now cleaner, brighter and energy efficient.

Providing patients, staff and visitors with a safer, more pleasant route through the hospital.

All whilst offering carbon reduction savings, helping the environment on its journey to reversing climate change.

Damien Fryer, Airis Energy Solutions UK


This project alone has reduced CO2 emissions annually by 48,046kg of CO2 – the equivalent of the emissions generated by 1,535 ambulance call outs!

Call our team to find out how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint on 01253 283050.

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