What is LED Lighting?

LED stands for light-emitting diode which is a semiconductor light source. Originally appearing as a practical electronic component in the 1960s, they initially provided a very low-intensity light output but in recent years that has changed, LEDs can now offer an extremely bright light output and they are used in a wide range of domestic and commercial lighting. LEDs provide many advantages over traditional incandescent light sources including low energy consumption, much longer life, improved physical robustness when used in the right way (heat management and power using the correct power supply or driver), smaller size, and faster turn-on times. LED lighting also emits no UV, is flicker free and generally runs much cooler than traditional lighting.

LED lighting can be supplied with a single colour light output or colour changing light, usually referred to as RGB which stands for Red Green Blue, as it is a mix of these 3 primary light colours, which generates the vast range of colours you can generate from RGB LED lighting products such as strip lighting and panels. The single colour products, most commonly supplied in White light outputs can be supplied in various types of white. The most common white LED lighting colours are Warm White, which as the name suggests is a more traditional warm yellow light, Cool White which is a very Ice White and Daylight White which sits in between the Cool and Warm white options. Other common single colour LED lighting is Red, Green, and Blue but modern LED lighting is available across the visible, ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths.

The lighting industry is currently going through big changes thanks to LED lighting technology which has now come into its own. LED lighting is now the preferred choice of lighting for customers looking to save money in the medium to long term thanks to its reduced energy consumption and for commercial clients a reduction in maintenance costs. The market is becoming saturated with a vast selection of LED lighting products from suppliers across the globe so it makes sense to buy led lighting from a company with industry experience, that can offer the right balance of quality and price. As with all products, not all LED lighting is manufactured to the same quality level.