Safer manufacturing conditions under new LED lighting installed for Lytham Windows, Lancashire.

The Airis Process

At Airis, we offer a zero capital expenditure option for installation of our LED lighting, but how does the process work?

Qualifying Survey

Step 1 – Qualifying Survey

Our energy consultant will attend your premises to assess the viability of meeting the scheme criteria.

Client Sign On

Step 2 – Client Sign on

If the scheme criteria is met then an initial agreement is made between the parties, pending the technical survey.

Technical Survey

Step 3 – Technical Survey

Our project team will attend the premises to ensure the electrical installation is feasible.


Step 4 – Installation

Full installation of Airis LED lighting.


Step 5 – Benefits

Time for the client to realise the benefits of the new installation:

  • Reduction in carbon emissions
  • Safer working environment
  • Reduction in electricity spend


The following are a few frequently asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more.

Who pays Airis?

You the client. This payment will always be less than the savings you make on your electricity bill.

Will the installation have a warranty?

Yes, all Airis Energy installations come with a 5 year full maintenance guarantee.

Will Airis take over our electricity supply?

No, Airis will however provide you with access to their network of broker prices when you are ready to enter a new electricity contract.

Is there any 3rd party involved?

No Airis are an end to end single supply chain solution. Supply, manufacture, install, finance and warranty.

What happens after the 5 years?

You receive the full benefit of the savings generated by the lighting. Also Airis can offer extended warranties if required.