Mercury lamps help with Coronavirus fight

Could an established and easy to produce technology help in the fight against COVID-19?

Mercury vapour lamps offer a potential simple way to kill off the virus quickly.

The UV-C light it gives off can effectively disinfect upper-room breathing space by killing off air-borne viruses.

With a typical wavelength of 254 nanometres, it can break down the DNA of micro-organisms (or RNA in the case of COVID-19), thus rendering them harmless and the area cleaned.

For safety, modern sensor technology is also employed to prevent them operating when humans are present.

COVID-19 Disinfection

With trained staff in hospitals and other public facilities, this passive ultraviolet lighting has the potential to disinfect large areas rapidly.

To help prevent Coronavirus spread, it could be used to disinfect hospitals, doctor and dentist surgeries, schools, shopping centres, offices and more overnight.

Other potential immediate uses include disinfection chambers or tunnels in a range of settings, for example for medical and dental equipment, retail clothes after being tried on, trolleys and baskets in supermarkets and much more.

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Photocatalytic Air Purifiers

An alternative “always on” solution for reducing the risks from Coronavirus are photocatalytic air purifiers, which again utilise ultraviolet light to reduce the presence of any virus or bacteria in an environment by up to 99%, both quickly and safely.

Available in desktop and recessed housings, our air purifier units can purify from 12m2 up to 48m2 x 3m high spaces.

They are designed to be harmless to the environment and are safe for staff and customers.

This means they can be operated full time whilst a facility is occupied, rather than in specific locations or time periods.

Photocatalytic Air Purifier