LED sky panels light up hair salon facilities in Garstang, Lancashire

An attractive low energy LED lit sky ceiling panel helps illuminate an area of a salon that is starved of natural light, whilst creating a focal point for clients.

Established in 2006, Scott’s Hairdressing is a contemporary, upmarket salon in the heart of Garstang. Aiming to provide a superior service, their salon offers a warm and friendly atmosphere for clients to feel comfortable, relaxed and pampered.

The interior of the salon is beautifully styled and well lit, but their hair washing and treatment area at the rear had always been starved of natural light.

Situated at the end of a long salon leading from a high street shop frontage, it was therefore always costly to illuminate well – an essential when treating hair.

LED sky panels

LED sky ceiling panels were an ideal solution. Using bright low energy LEDs, they help to reduce carbon emissions and monthly bills, whilst providing a focal point for clients having their hair washed or treated.

Logo - Scott's Hairdressing

So very pleased with my installation by Airis. We are limited with natural light towards the back of the shop.

I spoke with Damien, and he suggested these 4 light panels.

Not only do they add so much extra light, they are also very cost effective to run and give a lovely relaxing image to look at when coming for a pamper.

Speedy delivery time and superb installation, thanks to all at Airis

Leila Trickett, Owner

Our sky panels can also be wall mounted and can contain any photograph or image you wish, subject to copyright.

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