Improved LED lighting offers carbon reduction savings for timber group

The first of many complete refits for the National Timber Group, offering significant carbon reduction savings from new LED lighting solutions to all areas of the site.


Created through the acquisition of four market leading brands, the National Timber Group is the largest independent added-value timber distribution and processing group in the UK.

A favoured supplier of large-scale infrastructure projects, the Group serves a diverse customer base including joiners, housebuilders and contractors.

With over 20 sites requiring complete refits throughout Scotland alone, it was important for the National Timber Group to find the right LED lighting solution to roll out across the brands.

Rembrand Timber Ltd

We wanted to show the quality of our work by completing the first job prior to any contract being drawn up. We knew the results would speak for themselves.

We began with the Rembrand Timber Ltd Selkirk site in 2019 which then secured a contract to complete over 20 other sites in Scotland in 2020.


80 watt high bays


5ft twin and 5ft single fittings


18 watt tubes


50 watt floodlights

The results

We think the results speak for themselves in the following before and after photos and predicted annual savings.

Projected annual savings

The projected per annum savings for the Selkirk site are as follows.

67% energy output reduction

12,244.32 KwH


6.6 tonnes carbon emissions

Brighter, safer environment

The floor markings were barely visible and it was difficult to see the stock before the refit.

There has been a vast improvement in visbility helping create a brighter, safer environment for the staff.

Total annual savings

With the project completed across the National Timber Group sites, the total annuals savings make impressive reading.

69% energy output reduction

495,756.93 KwH


115 tonnes carbon emissions

Call our team to find out how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint on 01253 283050.

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