Making the switch: Chiltern reduce energy costs by 70%

With the use of energy efficient LED lighting from Airis Energy UK, Chiltern Rail’s CO2 output across its 36 stations has been reduced by over 600,000kg.

Environmental responsibility is high on the agenda for most businesses today and one incredibly beneficial change which improves and reduces the carbon footprint of a business, is their lighting.

The alternative that has proven the most effective is LED lighting which not only cuts cost for the business, but also provides longer lasting output. LED light bulbs can last up to 20 times longer than standard forms of lighting, therefore fewer bulbs need to be produced, resulting in less replacements.

Add to this the fact that LED lights do not contain any hazardous materials, making them easier and safer to dispose of, and you can understand why major companies around the world are opting for LED lighting.

Energy efficient lighting

Chiltern Rail are no exception. Choosing to find more energy efficient alternatives to lessen their carbon footprint, they set out in search of a company who could provide the right solution at the right cost, but most importantly could be reliable and meet the stringent safety regulations required for a national rail service.

Airis were recommended to them based on their dedication, efficiency and commitment to achieving the best possible standard whilst being flexible in meeting the client’s needs.

36 stations

5000 luminaires

7 months

600,000kg less CO2

Over a 7 month period, 36 stations were fitted with LED lights, within the set timescales, and Airis arranged a payment schedule which met the specific requirements of Chiltern Rail. And the result speaks for itself.

The images of Marylebone Station show a stark contrast between ‘before’ and ‘after’ but as they explain in their press release, which can be found here, the CO2 output has been reduced by over 600,000kg – the equivalent of travelling between Birmingham Moor Street and London 14,224 times.

The dedicated staff from Airis worked overnight to minimise disruption and replaced nearly 5000 luminaires.

This is fantastic. Well done to everyone especially Andy S, Kathy, Chris / Paul and the Airis team on the ground.

You have all worked really hard to get the lights in and I am conscious that you have worked across the Easter weekend to get this done, thank you I appreciate this.

There has been minimal disruption to our customers and our teams.

Great work really pleased with the results!

Debbie Osbourne, Chiltern Railways (London Marylebone Railway Station)

The positive effect on their carbon footprint is immediate; the visible improvement on the lighting in the stations is immediate, and the photographs show that; but what makes Airis stand apart from the rest, is its commitment to meeting the client’s needs.

We strive to meet our own high standards but we also guarantee flexibility for our customers. We believe in our product and the benefits it provides financially and environmentally, therefore we want to make sure our clients can make the switch to a better energy solution with a timescale and payment arrangement that suits them.

Call our team to find out how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint on 01253 283050.

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