Brilliant white highbay LED lighting

LED Lighting Solutions in Blackpool, Lancashire, North West

Based in Poulton-le-Fylde near Blackpool, Airis Energy Solutions UK  install high efficiency LED lighting throughout Lancashire, the North West and the wider UK.

With clients, large and small, in all corners of the United Kingdom, we offer a single supply chain solution: design, manufacture, supply, install, warranty and even finance.

We have over 20 years operating experience and our existing clients include retails stores, schools, transport networks, factories, supermarkets, hospitals, sports facilities, distribution centres, car parking, farms and more.

The Benefits of LED Lighting

There are many benefits to using LED lighting along with smart lighting sensors over traditional lighting methods such as fluorescent.

LEDs typically consume up to 80% less electricity, thus dramatically reducing carbon emissions and costs.

Their longevity of 50,000 hours or up to 20 years means less maintenance, thus reduced downtime, labour, access equipment and lamp costs.

Immediate start up with no flickering provides a more comfortable ambience and allows for quick, reliable motion control to further reduce costs.

And the low, steady level of heat output from LEDs impacts far less on the atmosphere or temperature of any space, thus reducing air conditioning costs and requirement.

Zero Capital Expenditure

Airis offer a zero captial expenditure solution helping local businesses achieve the benefits of energy efficient lighting whilst retaining capital for more important operational requirements. Call our team now for a consultation.