Replacement lighting installation to concourse at London Marylebone railway station.

LED Lighting Solutions in London, South East

As part of a global electronics company with offices in 18 different countries and its own research, development and production facilities, Airis Energy Solutions UK  install high efficiency LED lighting throughout London, the South East and the wider UK.

With many clients large and small, from hospitals, factories and schools to garages, offices and retail shops, we can provide a single supply chain solution: design, manufacture, supply, install, warranty and even finance.

We offer piece of mind with over 20 years operating experience. Our design and installation teams have expertise in meeting the lighting demands of retail stores, schools, transport networks, factories, supermarkets, hospitals, sports facilities, distribution centres, car parking, farms and more.

Why LED Lighting?

There are numerous benefits to utilising LED lighting and smart lighting sensors, rather than traditional lighting methods such as fluorescent and halogen.

Efficiency: Typically, LEDs consume up to 80% less electricity, dramatically reducing your carbon footprint and costs.

Longevity: Lasting 50,000 hours or up to 20 years means less maintenance, reducing potential downtime, labour, access equipment and replacement lamp costs.

Immediate: An immediate start up with no flickering provide a more comfortable ambience and allows for quick, reliable motion activiation to further reduce your costs.

Low Heat: LEDs emit a low steady level of heat which impacts far less on the atmosphere or temperature of any given space, the reducing air conditioning requirements.

Quality: LEDs produce crisp, clean lighting that helps reduce eye strain and improve working conditions and thus productivity.

Zero Capital Expenditure

Airis offer a zero captial expenditure solution helping large and small businesses achieve the benefits of energy efficient lighting whilst retaining their capital for operational requirements.

For schools, hostpitals and other government buildings, our light as a service offering is funding compliant, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint with no upfront expenditure and realise significant net cash savings.

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