Temperature Equipment

Airis have mobilised their manufacturing and logistics capability in the help to tackle the global COVID-19 pandemic. We can now supply a wide range of temperature equipment, including infrared thermometers, thermal cameras and fever detection systems.

Shown below are a few examples. We have a wide range of temperature equipment available for differing applications.

All specifications and certifications are available upon request.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Infrared Thermometer

A high accuracy, non-contact and hygienic infrared forehead thermometer that allows the taking of body temperature at a distance of 0 to 3cm.

A valid solution to take individual body temperature with a timing of between 1 and 10 seconds per person.

Features a fever alarm, low battery alarm and auto power-off.

Infrared Thermometer
Thermographic Camera with Fever Detection

Thermographic Camera with Fever Detection

Several solutions that allow for multi-person (up to 60 people per minute) fever detection at a distance of 2m and upon one person at a time.

Designed to be installed at the entrance of your establishment, the first solution requires a person supervising the temperature measurement and the alarm (flash).

The second solution has a built-in PC and an external monitor for auto-checking with a flash and alarm sounding.

Both versions allow image recording in case supervision is required.

Dual Camera (Thermal / Optical) Multi-Person Fever Detection – Up to 9m

Suitable for installing in a permanent area or using as a portable solution.

Detects the body temperatures of 30 people simultaneously from a distance of between 2m and 9m (depending on the camera that is used) and displays the thermal and optical images on an external monitor through a PC or wi-fi connection.

Recommended for larger areas or public spaces with high throughput.

Dual Camera (Thermal / Optical) Multi-Person Fever Detection - Up to 9m

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