Businesses urged to join the LED lighting revolution

The Climate Group launches a new campaign to convince more businesses to switch to connected LED lighting as the quickest way to cut building emissions

Businesses around the world are being urged to switch to LED lighting in a bid to cut their greenhouse gas emissions and energy bills, as part of a new campaign from The Climate Group.

Firms can realise millions of dollars in energy savings and immediately slash their climate impact by switching to connected LED lighting, the influential NGO argues, citing estimates from Signify – the company formerly known as Philips Lighting – that a global switch to LED technology could save 403 million tonnes of CO2 a year and save £94bn on energy bills.

Total annual emissions savings from LED lighting could prove equivalent to taking 265 million cars off the road.

“Improving energy efficiency belongs at the core of business strategy,” said Helen Clarkson, chief executive of The Climate Group. “Installing LED lighting immediately lowers energy costs while delivering on emissions goals. In this pivotal year for climate action, every successful, energy-smart company will make LEDs their first port of call.”

“Connected indoor LED lighting not only achieves unprecedented energy savings, it can facilitate many use cases enabled by Internet of Things,” said Derek Wright, global head of office systems and services at Signify. “Connected Lighting can do so much more enabling users to understand their space utilisation, improve performance, send high bandwidth data, help employees find spaces to work and much more. Businesses should not delay the roll-out to connected LED lighting in their buildings to ensure they take advantage of both immediate and future benefits.”