Management of Electrical Systems in Healthcare Premises

On Friday the 11th of May, we took part in an NHS Northern one-day conference that took place at The Samlesbury Hotel in Preston.

The aim of the conference was to update healthcare professionals on the requirements expected of them within the field of Electrical systems and how this should be achieved.

Aim of the conference

The day also provided an informed presentation of the practical approach to the Periodic Inspection and Testing of Healthcare facilities whilst the installation is in use, including a Contractors view of carrying out the inspections and tests whilst minimising disruption to services.

“LED lighting has been around for some time now, with Healthcare Organisations completing wholesale replacement of fluorescent lighting, however, research to date has identified a potential risk to users from this type of lighting and the Conference will explore this issue”

Our talk, given by Airis USA Sale Director Tom Van Daalen, talks about this potential issue in the video below. The talk concludes with the fact that “research suggests that LED lighting is no more dangerous than other traditional lighting sources if kept to the same colour temperatures”.

LED Lighting replacement – is it a risk?

Watch these clips of our talk from the conference

What are Airis and the industry doing to eliminate risks?

Luminaire manufacturers, including Airis, are constantly working to improve the safety of their products, in recent times development has focused on:

  • The position of the chip – e.g side light panel as opposed to the backlight. Reducing the direct viewing of the light source.
  • Lens technology improvements, translucent lenses refract light again to reduce the direct viewing of the light source.
  • Power supply’s – Airis has developed Exilis, a fully programmable digital power supply.  Allowing the light source to not only dimmed but fully controlled to suit task and environment.
  • Indicating risk level on luminaires.

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